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Cumbia @ Buenos Aires (december 2010)
January 08, 2011 05:41 AM PST
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Hi friends!

I spent (Pedro) a few days in Buenos Aires for the end of 2010 and I want to tell you a little about the cumbia scene there.

My first experience was to look for some dirty cumbia villera from the city. For that my cousin told me to go to Retiro train station in donwtown to find some pirate cds.

Before getting there I have to share with you my love for Damas Gratis and Pibes Chorros. I discovered another cumbia villeras bands thanks to the excellent Cabeza Netlabel more in a mashup way.

Well let s go back to Retiro trainstation. This place is near to Villa 31 (villa is the argentinian version of favellas) one of the biggest villas in Buenos Aires. After a few minutes looking for a music shop I found my happyness in a small place where they were selling BOca Juniors t shirts. The guy who ran the music place was listening to some Bob Marley music and playing it really loud in a home made sound system.

In little boxes I started to digg some cumbia villera, cumbia colombiana, old school cumbia, reggeaton, merengue and guarachera. I must say that the cumbia villera was very trendy in the 90s with super stars like Damas Gratis and then it went down. Now the last trend is to make some cover versions and change the lyrics in a villa way (argentinian gansta: "palmas arriba, el que no salta maneja el patrullero...").

So after buying 17 cds full of tropical vibes (see the picture) I went back very statisfied to my place to listen to it. Some cumbia tunes are really amazing! Apart the completely kitch gangsta message and the classical 2nd degree latin american humour (strong use of delightful metaphores in cumbia villera!) the production is really dirty but very very stimulating. I was surprised with some version changing the pitch suddenly from a classic 85 cumbia bpm to some house stuff...

Well the best is to listen so check the mix of some cumbia villera: play button

My second experience with cumbia was during the "Fiesta Magica" with superstars "Damas Gratis"  and other argentinian bands like "Fantasma" and "Los Labios" . The party was in Club Palermo, in Palermo Viejo, a middle class neighbourhood that became trendy and alternative in th 00s with a lot of design shops and funny bars. The Club Palermo seemed to come from another time! When entering the place, an old man well dressed guides you to the dancefloor and there all the place looks like a 70s disco place!

After getting some fernets "Los Labios" starts the gig with a calm-lovefool cumbia. Classical cumbia lyrics telling about broken heart, rising love... well love under all it different possibilities! The band have some impulsion to the dancefloor after 5 songs. If you want to get their sound you can find it here

Then came to the scene "Fantasma". This band was crazy! It started with a fantasmagoric cumbia-dub with nice visuals (they have a VJ) launched by the DJ and then the complete band came to stage. They were about 8 people with an MC, 2 vocalists, the musicians and the DJ. Really fat sound, you should digg them!

Finally "Damas Gratis" went to the stage and the place becam totally insane! The dancefloor was on fire when the singer started to play his key-board guitar and incredible anthems like "Atrevida" or "Laura se te ve la tanga". This band knows how to do it. The singer was a big cumbia producer in the 90s for a lot of bands and became extremely popular in Argentina with "Damas Gratis"

well my friends I hope this post created an interest about cumbia and you will listen to it in our future mixes!


the jacasseurs

Tremor and El-G from ZIZEK in interview for Jacasseries
December 13, 2010 10:30 AM PST

Hi friends,

Here you have the interview of Tremor and El-G from ZIZEK crew (www.zzkrecords.com )

Very nice dudes and crazy music!



The Jacasseurs

Jacasseries Sound System #6 with GEKO JONES and GRANDPAMINI
November 05, 2010 06:40 AM PDT

This friday is a TROPICAL day!

Dj GEKO JONES and dj GRANDPAMINI are mixing in the Jacasseries Sound System #6! Of course de Jacasseries selectors will shoot hot tunes!

Come shake with us!


! MUEVELO ! el Dia de los Muertos ! tropical bass @ la lucha libre
October 31, 2010 10:41 AM PDT

Nuit Tropical Bass pour " EL DIA DE LOS MUERTOS "
Cumbia / Kuduro/ Soca / Coupé Décalé / Merengue De Calle / Baile Funk / Reggaetton etc ..
au Platines sur le RING brulant de la Lucha Libre
Ricky Retardo
(Mexico/Neuva York)
Superstar Secrete de la tropical Bass,
il sera masqué pour que ne pas rompre son contrat avec Daddy Yankee
.... sauras-tu découvrir son identité ???
pour connaitre la réponse, une seule solution, viens...

(Radio Global/Jacasseries) Argentine
Fou de tropical bass, il anime avec talent son podcast legendaire " Les Jacasseries " dans lequel il as reçu les plus grands noms (Ghislain Poirier, Wax Taylor, el Hijo de la Cumbia, Dj Vadim, Foreign Beggars, Mad Professor etc ...) ce "Pibe" viens te faire gincher, en espagnol ..

(Ghetto Tiers monde)
Dj/Producteur Franco-Chilien,
Sa culture qui as démarrée dans le hip hop et la Salsa, s'est vite diversifiée, les nouveaux son africains et Latino americain se sont intégrer dans ses sets pour créer un tour du monde sonore explosif et festif, Dj Résidents des légendaires soirées "Ghetto Tiers Monde" il mélange Mashups de son cru et Pépites introuvables cumbia, kuduro, merengue de calle, Coupé décalé.

La Lucha Libre
10 Rue de la montagne ste Geneviève
Paris, France
de 21h à 2h

RUMBASS mix for GHETTO TIERS-MONDE - Vende Tus Niños y Comprate una Sega by Rumbass

YARAH BRAVO interview for Jacasseries
October 16, 2010 11:34 AM PDT

Hi guys!

Here you have the interview of YARAH BRAVO a very charismatic and gifted MC. Check her sound

She worked with master producers like DJ VADIM and we met her before her gig at la Machine du Moulin Rouge with DJ MISSILL.



The Jacasseurs

SOUL JAZZ RECORDS founder interview for Jacasseries
October 07, 2010 06:19 AM PDT
Hi friends! Here is the interview of SOUL JAZZ RECORDS founder during a 100% Dynamite dj set in Paris. We talked about the history of the label and the different projects they released. Enjoy it! Special thanks to Salah to make it real! Peace The Jacasseurs
CHILLY GONZALES in interview for Jacasseries
August 25, 2010 02:46 AM PDT
Hi friends of Jacasseries! Here is a nice chitchat we had with mister CHILLY GONZALES (www.myspace.com/gonzpiration ) Very nice man! Enjoy The Jacasseurs
Jacasseries Sound System #4 - The return - 23/07/2010
August 10, 2010 09:11 AM PDT

Hi people!

This Friday July the 23th big party Radio Global in Art Scenik Bar (Pigalle, Paris)!

Radio Global selector set with: Selecta MEC, LeuthOm, Charlie
Bonacolta, DJ Timal and Pedro el Diablo!

Come and party with us all night long (10 pm – 5am), BABY !


The Jacasseurs

Chinese Man interview for Jacasseries !!
July 19, 2010 03:42 AM PDT
Hi guys!!! Last friday, we had the chance to interview Chinese Man before their concert @ La Maroquinerie. This is a french hip-hop electro group that the mission is to spread the zen spirit all over the World ! Check this : www.myspace.com/chinesemanrecords and www.chinesemanrecords.com/ and we recommend you to search after theirs video-clips which are always wonderful!!!
SYSTEMA SOLAR interview for Jacasseries!
July 18, 2010 12:38 PM PDT
Hi my people! Here is the interview of SYSTEMA SOLAR! www.myspace.com/systemasolar (crazy fusion of hiphop, electro, dancehall, sampling, folklore from caribean Colombia) This crew comes from Colombia and they have a crazy project in live & studio. check the myspace it s crazy! we got an amazing interview with freestyles and an extensive overview of colombian underground. really nice interview experience with open minded artists! bigup to SYSTEMA SOLAR

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