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Joy Orbison for Jacasseries/Radioglobal
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Publish-date-icon February 13, 2011
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« I don't play dubstep, I don't play funky, or house really, I kinda play in the middle of it »

A couple of month ago I was in Lyon, where the people from the music festival 'Les Nuits Sonores' were doing their 87th off-festival party entitled Les Echos Sonores, featuring Joy Orbison and Jackson and His Computer Band. Both of them were djing on that night on a pretty boat called La Plateforme.

In the evening I met up with Peter (Joy Orbison) for a quick aperitif at Vox Bar, with Pierre-Marie (from Nuits Sonores) and two guys from the local Airflex label, supporting Peter on that night. We had a chat about his music and what he's into thesedays. The interview was led for the weekly podcast Jacasseries.

Since his early years (and he's still pretty young!), Peter has been doing a lot of djing, mainly in his room in London, spinning drum and bass, house, garage, basically a lot of UK dancefloor music... and even Hip Hop stuff. Then in 2009 he released his first EP called Hyph Mngo on the london-based Hotflush label, which almost instantly became a huge dancefloor hit in the UK, but also everywhere in European clubs.

That incredible anthem made of catchy female voice samples and aerial synths layers, was shortly followed by two more records and a few remixes released on Aus Music,Domino, and his own label Doldrums. When the interview took place he was just about to release his BB / Ladywell EP, still on Doldrums.

Also, he says « There should also be some other bits coming out early next year », which will include some collaborations that he wants to keep secret for a while.

« Now the hardest thing is finding the time to actually write »

Following this massive success and all the touring thing that happened since, he acknowledges: « Now the hardest thing is finding the time to actually write. After my last EP on Aus, its been quite a while since I've actually produced music. It's just really hard to find time, because you're always travelling and touring, and stuff like that... You have to promote yourself and promote your music […] but at the same time it's very hard to be actually productive and get some music out of it. Although I'm not as busy as some other people who dj and work a lot more than I do. »

However he still thinks that he has managed to work better these days, especially with this new EP about to be released. Moreover his crates are full of records he hasn't listened to yet (which basically means a lot of inspiration for future projects). He built up his sound bank grabbing records while touring in the UK and continental Europe, especially in Berlin, his first international date : « I've done a tour in Germany, crossing Berlin, Leipzig and Hamburg. Berlin is one of my favourite places. When I go there i just go to Hardwax, buy some records and listen to some really good stuff, which has a really big influence on me. Last time I got back from there, I started writing some music and it really was inspired by the sound from there. »

On top of that Peter seems to be keeping good relationships with people from the scene, especially when I mention the Hotflush Label : « I'm really good friend with Mount Kimbie and I also spend a lot of time with James Blake. We live quite close to each other. I might do another record for Hotflush in the future as well. »

« I never released on Numbers but I almost did very early on » 

As a big supporter of theNumbers Label/promoter from Glasgow, I couldn't help but asking what was his feeling about it, and got quite surprised when he replied : « I never released on Numbers but I almost did very early on [...] Jack (Jackmaster, one of the Numbers Djs) is a good friend of mine. We spent quite a lot of time playing together, we sometimes do back to back DJing. When I play shows in London he comes quite often, and when I go to Glasgow I always play for Jack. I've done some Numbers parties there at Subclub, which is a wicked club ! »

To finish with I've asked Peter about what he was gonna play on that night. He insisted on that crossover thing : 

« What I play is house, but also it's a little bit more bass heavy, a little bit more low and drum and house, stuff like that  […] I don't only play dubstep, I don't play funky, or house really, I kinda play in the middle of it. »

Indeed, later on I was absolutely amazed in the club enjoying a big 2-hour long journey, starting with some early house, then progressively sliding to new UK dance music, including recent Julio Bashmore or Ramadanman tunes, and ending with a rough series old school rave and techno anthems !

Unfortunately a few weeks later, his show in paris got cancelled because of the bloody Eurostar stuck in the UK due to bad weather conditions. Well, I guess we'll have to wait till the next date...

(and very special thanks to Pierre-Marie, from les Nuits Sonores, for making this possible!)


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